All about my Pre-Loved range

Is it time to find a new happy home for your lovely long shoes?

Imagine how you could make someone's day who also has long feet; earn some extra money or receive a Shoe Garden credit; support an amazing charity; AND do your bit for sustainability in fashion and for the environment.

I am now excited to offer a Pre-Loved range at The Shoe Garden.

This will be for a three month trial, starting at the beginning of May.

If you'd like me to sell your shoes on consignment, please email for a form to complete for each pair going to a happy new home.

You set the price for your shoes and, if sold, will receive 50% of that price, while I receive the balance. From that, I will donate 25c to $2.50 to MicroLoan Foundation Australia as I always do when I sell my range, plus pay merchant or BNPL fees, and cover extra postage and processing charges.

You may also wish to convert your 50% payment to a credit at The Shoe Garden and I'll add another 10% on top of it for some extra fun! :-) That means you'll receive 60% of the payment in a credit with no time limit.

I will enter your shoe's details onto my Point of Sale, take photos of them and upload onto my website. 

Then they'll be seen by thousands of my customers always on the lookout for gorgeous long shoes and I will showcase the range regularly on social media, further promoting your pre-loved shoes.

Once sold, I will organise processing the payment for their sale, delivery to the happy new owner and, within 1-2 business days, I will transfer your payment to your bank account or send a credit note to you.

I will display your shoes at my shop (and online) for 90 days. If they don't sell in this time, you will need to collect them or organise postage for their return.

Your shoes don't have to be bought at The Shoe Garden, but they do have to be from size AU10 and up, be cleaned beforehand, should not be listed elsewhere and in really great condition. It's not necessary for them to be in their original box, but great if so.

There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges on the Pre-Loved range.

Email for a form to complete and then drop your shoes off or pop them in the post to us at:

The Shoe Garden
115 Riding Road
Hawthorne QLD 4171

Let's share the love of gorgeous long shoes!