Time flies when...

Oh my, it's already nearing the end of February and this is my first blog for 2021. Um-ah!

But for those following me on Facebook and Instragram, you probably know that my darling dad, who has Alzheimer's, deteriorated suddenly and significantly over Christmas. I had to fast track him into aged care and he didn't handle the transition well. 

No wonder. It's a huge change even without such a wretched and cruel disease, and unfortunately he ended up in hospital when things got really bad. As did I a week later with chest pains. Turns out it was stress.

This week I've finally finished clearing out the house he shared with my beautiful mum for nearly 30 years and it was finally ready to go on the market. I underestimated the physical and mental toll, but unfortunately predicted the immense emotional toll. 

But it had to be done and now that dad is safe and cared for, I can focus more on myself and my beautiful Shoe Garden.

How wonderful it feels to be back. My winter range is starting to arrive and it's a fabulous one. I'm especially loving the Katie 'n' Me emerald croc print boots that are exclusive to The Shoe Garden. Only 12 pairs exist ... well, 11 if you don't count mine! 

I am looking forward to sharing more goss as the weeks and months go by.

Take good care


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