The joy of long shoes

Yesterday the lovely Mary visited The Shoe Garden for the first time and, like all first-time visitors, she was a bit overwhelmed.

"Oh, this shoe is too big," she said.

"Oh, but this one fits," she added.

"Oh, I can't believe it. All of these shoes fit!"

When Mary left, she had 10 pairs of new shoes and was asking her husband to build her a new shelf for them! 

It makes me incredibly happy to see the joy in my gorgeous customers as they find lovely, longer sized shoes that actually fit AND look and feel fablous.

It reminds me why I walked away from my career and opened The Shoe Garden 11 years ago. 

Back then, I knew nothing about the shoe industry or about business. But I had my not-so-secret weapon: my size 12 feet. 

You see, I know exactly how hard it has been to find shoes that fit, let alone are fabulous. I've heard most of the derogatory comments that are said about our feet and have had to make do with boring and ugly shoes for decades, telling anyone who would listen that my outfit stopped at my ankles and I wasn't responsible for below that! 

Not anymore.

I love it that new customers like Mary are still finding me. And I love being reminded how joyful having new shoes can be.

Stay warm and happy,

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