Summer solace

It's no secret that the past few years have been tough for everyone as COVID shook the world.

I found not knowing what would happen next the scariest ... and I was one of the most lucky ones; my loved ones safe, my business intact.

So I still remember walking into the first showroom in February this year to view and buy my Spring/Summer 2022 ranges and feeling a soaring sense of joy.

Joy that for the first time in a long time, the ranges were plentiful in quantity. Even better, they were bold, dynamic, colourful and just plain fun. There were sequins for day and lush brocades and pops of the rainbow everywhere. The ranges seem to say: "It's okay. We got through this. Let's have some fun now."

After a few years where ranges were so conservative, so safe and so small (all for good reason), it was delightful to see abundance of choice again.

My heart was so happy then and it is right now, too. Looking around my shop, seeing the cheeky sparkle and the vibrant colours just makes me smile. 

On top of everything else, for so long my customers have been restricted to black, brown or beige. Ugh. Not anymore.

Take care and embrace some colour! Carolx



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