Summer delays ... but new stock is coming!

It's hard to run a shoe shop when you have so little stock. 

I feel embarrassed by the current range of new shoes I have at the moment because, well, they're not so new anymore.

Usually I pride myself on having exciting new shoes arriving every month and a huge range to choose from. 

However, the global pandemic has had a massive impact on freight, from inflated pricing and bidding wars for scarce shipping containers to huge delays and even unexpected cross border fees and charges within Australia. 

It's mid September and I'm still waiting for shoes that were due in July.

It's no one's fault and I understand that. I feel so sorry for my poor suppliers who are trying their best to get their goods into the country and then into shops.

I am a little miffed though that I see other shoe shops have had deliveries of brands that I stock, too. When I have called to enquire with the agents, they've told me that my longer-sized order is in a later shipment.

Mmmmmm. It seems that happens a lot. 

Anyway, while I was told a delivery would arrive two weeks ago and then last week and then early this week again, now I am expecting it today or tomorrow. Surely it will be so. You have to stay positive, right?

Other orders are on trucks and on their way, but it seems everything has slowed right down.

Unfortunately I've already lost a range from a brand whose factory is still closed and I'm crossing everything that there won't be more.

I recall something that I read a while ago that sums up the COVID pandemic really well. It says:

We are not all in the same boat. We are in the same storm.
Some of us are in yachts. Some of us are in dinghys.
And some of us are drowning.

Just be kind. 

I like that. Just be kind.

My next post should be all about my exciting summer shoes and sandals. Oh my, there is a lot of gorgeousness coming ... hopefully very soon!


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