Sharing the love with pre-loved shoes!

It all started when I read a story on ABC News online about the $175 billion pre-loved fashion industry and its growing trend given our increasing interest in caring for the environment...

And I started to think about what I could do at The Shoe Garden. 

I had heard customers lamenting a few times over the years about what to do with their lovely long shoes that no longer fitted or had never been worn, but never put it together until this compelling article ... I would start my own Pre-Loved range!

It launched at the start of last month as a three month trial, and by the start of this month, I ditched the trial and announced the range was here to stay.

It has been THAT popular.

I have heard so many reasons as to why people are interested in selling, from changes to lifestyles and wishing to simplify their wardrobes to medical reasons preventing them from wearing certain styles or heel heights.

Nearly everyone has said they valued long shoes so highly; they desperately wanted their shoes to go to someone who would appreciate them as much. 

I would say approximately half the range has never been worn at all and most are in terrific condition with some quite "loved" but still acceptable.

By selling shoes on consignment for customers, it complements my new range and provides a bigger variety of tempting shoes for everyone. They don't even need to have been bought at The Shoe Garden. As long as they're long and loved, they're welcomed!

For more information about selling your shoes, visit this information page. And to see how fabulous the range of Pre-Loved shoes is, see here.

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