It was meant to be!

In one way, it seems like yesterday that I was lying on my sofa, sobbing and wondering what to do with my life!

Fast forward a decade and I'm celebrating 10 years of being a proud shoe shop owner. How time flies.

One thing that always amazes me and takes my breath away, is just how right this adventure seemed at the start, throughout the past 10 years and happily still does. I have never once waivered or regretted my decision to walk away from an established career to start a small business. 

Oh, I've had sleepless nights and agonised over decisions and worried like it was an Olympic sport, but that's part of life as a small business owner. I never wanted to go back to my old life of working in media, PR and fundraising. Ever.

I was 44 when I opened The Shoe Garden ... which also happens to be my shoe size! Well, for most brands, but not all of them but let's not get me started on the inconsistencies of shoe sizing...

I also realised a few years ago that I had inadvertently selected a significant date for opening the shop, which was 14 April 2012. 

That's precisely 20 years after I stopped working as a journalist here in Australia when The Sunday Sun newspaper was closed ... on 14 April 1992.

I find that such an incredible coincidence and also strangely reassuring ... that my first dream job as a journalist ended 20 years to the day of my final dream job as a proud shoe shop owner!

Now here's to the next 10 years of even more gorgeous long shoes!


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