It drives me crazy!

The one thing that has driven me crazy since opening The Shoe Garden has been the inconsistency with shoe sizing. 

Every. Single. Day. 

Given I always have more than a dozen brands in my range, it becomes even more challenging as they all size their shoes differently. They also equate different Aussie sizes to European sizes, so sometimes they say a size 11 is a 42, sometimes (often) a 43 and sometimes it's a 44.

And then you simply have some shoes within the one brand where one particular shoe or style will run long ... or not. It is the exception to the norm. Just to add a bit more of a challenge to the sizing!

Of course, widths can make a difference, too. The Naturalizers are a wider fit so some of my size 13 customers can fit into a size 12 in some styles if they have a narrower foot.

This is all to say that when you search by size on my website, and you're a size 12, for example like me, you need to select a few different options. 

It might be AU12 and 44/AU12 and 45/AU12 and maybe even 46/AU12.

Trust me, I've sized them according to first-hand experience on my own feet and that of my customers in-store. 

For further advice, always check the sizing tips, which will also sometimes recommend you go up or down a size, and will include advice on width and fit. 

If all else fails, you're always welcome to give me a buzz. :-)


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