I'm so proud of my customers!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a Facebook post about a phone call I had received. The caller asked if they would be allowed to visit The Shoe Garden.

Imagine ... feeling it was necessary to ask permission to visit a retail shop!  

The caller was a trans woman and, sadly, it isn't the first time I have been asked this question.

I reassured her that she was very welcome. Everyone, without exception, who needs and wants gorgeous long shoes is always welcome.

The comments on this post by customers made me feel so happy.

They expressed their solidarity; they fumed over the injustice; they remembered when they had visited my shop or others before and had seen trans women or cross dressers or drag queens visiting and how happy they were for them. Just happy that all of us with long feet have somewhere to go to find shoes that fit.

Yep, I couldn't be prouder of my gorgeous customers for being so kind and so welcoming.

Much love


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