Endorsing dopamine dressing!

Phew, where did March go???

It was a busy month at The Shoe Garden with most brands needing orders confirmed for next Summer. As new winter stock rolls in, and as we are only in the first month of Autumn, it's always a bit weird planning for another season so far in advance.

Regardless, I can assure you that the range I've ordered, and that will start arriving from July onwards, is THE. BEST. EVER!!!

I was so delighted to see so many colourful options. It's like all the designers have gone ... okay, we've had a crappy few years. It's time to liven things up and offer a range of happy colours in striking bolds or a quirky mix or a clash of patterns.

It's called dopamine dressing, apparently. It's the joy we feel from brightly coloured clothing (and shoes!) and I thoroughly endorse it.

As I type this, I'm wearing a red checked dress with lemons and florals all over it and my Valerio Conte Pine shoes that feature sparkly pineapples. I feel happy just thinking about my shoes and I get compliments whenever I wear them!!!

Isn't that a lovely change, too? People complimenting on us on OUR shoes! 

For those of us with long feet, that was never the case in the bad ol days.

Until next time,


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