Colour makes me happy. What about you?

Remember the bad ol' days when, if we actually found a pair of shoes that fit, they were black. 

Or beige.

Or white.


That's why I love sourcing so many shoes that are brightly coloured for The Shoe Garden. My latest arrivals fit the bill: think vibrant pink and vivacious violet, sparkling mint and a serene sky blue.

I will always stock black because I get it: it's practical and versatile.

But I will also always stock as many other colours as I can for each style. 

Yesterday I sat on the bench in the front showroom, where customers usually sit to try on shoes, and just sat and looked at all the colour on the shelves and felt ridiculously happy. 

I'm delighted to say that while winter is usually more difficult to offer a rainbow of colour, Winter 2022 is an exception. Hot pink runs throughout the range I've put together with some fabulous metallics and olives  and reds as well. 

Hope today is bright for you!







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