And the winner is...

Well, right now, I feel like the winner is ... me!

I just found out that The Shoe Garden is a finalist in the Fashion category of the Australian Small Business Champions Awards. 

I'm super chuffed to be a finalist and I'm even more super chuffed that a longer sized shoe shop has representation in a general fashion category. It's where we should and deserve to be, right?!

The announcement will on 3 September in Sydney. How exciting! 

Fingers and toes crossed.


  • Congratulations, Carol! Brilliant that you, and your enterprise are being recognised publicly, at such a high level. All accolades to you. Stand tall, proud, and wearing fantabulous shoes. …and YES, we should always, absolutely, without a second thought, be considered in a general fashion category! A tiny step forward for lovely, entirely in proportion, ‘long’ feet.

  • Congratulations Carol. Your store has a consistently good range of fun choices and has been on my list of shoe shopping goldmines for years now. If every woman over 5’ 9 in SE QLD doesn’t know about the shoe garden; they should! Your preloved range is a great idea. No lady with long feet who grew up wearing Jesus sandals likes the idea of their coveted, but now unworn, lovely shoes being lonely in boxes in the cupboard. There are so many people who can put them on and know their shoes are just perfect. Best of luck. Jo

    Jo Woodford

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