A promise to myself

I can't quite fathom that it's the last day of February today. The first two months of the year have disappeared in a blink.

It hasn't been a great start for me. I lost my darling dad to Alzheimer's after a 4.5 year fight and simultaneously was dealing with a serious thyroid issue. I felt like  I had been hit by a truck and both events clarified for me, now more than ever before, just how crucial good health is.

I've made a renewed commitment to myself to look after me; to try and not let stress get the upper hand again and to seek out nature as she's so nurturing and restorative.

As a proud small business owner, this has meant a change in work style and habits. Nothing drastic nor perhaps obvious to my beautiful customers, but just remembering that work is not all of me. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Shoe Garden, I'll only be able to continue to make it a fabulous place to shop and work at if I'm looking after myself.

So I wish you a belated amazing 2023. Be kind to yourself and others. That's really what it's all about. 

Love Carolx

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