Random Acts of Kindness done The Shoe Garden way!

Recently I received a beautiful, thoughtful gift at The Shoe Garden. Sarah sent me a divine box of self-care treats from the amazing Mettle Women Inc with a lovely note that said:

"Hi Carol. A little something for a lovely, thoughtful lady. I hope you find time to care for yourself as well as you take care of others."

Isn't that gorgeous?

But ... I don't know who Sarah is!!!

There was no last name on the card and the gift was sent directly by the business. It was sent to the shop so I'm thinking it's a customer. Maybe it is; maybe it's not, but I'm blown away by this random act of kindness, in a teary-goosebumpy-grateful kind of way!

I felt so special and Sarah has inspired me. Every month from now on, I'm going to randomly select a customer who has shopped with me in the past year and send them something gorgeous from another small business in their local area.

Random Acts of Kindness now has its own budget line in The Shoe Garden budget! I love it. 

I've just randomly selected the first customer. I know her; she's been shopping with me for quite a few years online.

I can't wait to hear what she thinks. Simply randomly selecting someone and then finding a small local business to support and organising it all has given me great joy. 

And, I get to do it all again next month and onwards.

Much love



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